Laser Therapy

Two exciting new lasers are now available, the V-Beam Perfecta and Gentlemax LE from Candela,one of the industry leaders in laser technology. Dr. Mastruserio has over ten years laser experience and remains current with the ever expanding medical laser applications.

Each laser has multiple applications offering a variety of services. The V-Beam targets blood vessels, while the Gentlemax contains two different lasers, targeting unwanted pigment and for laser hair reduction. Between these two lasers there are a wide variety of treatments that can be perfoemed, including spider veins, scars (acne and keloid scars, stretch marks), wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, age spots, seborrheic keratoses and warts. These are only a few of the applications available. With the addition of a medication (Levulan), photodynamic treatment (PDT) ia possible. Photodynamic therapy can be used to treat certain early skin cancers, pre-skin cancers, acne and acne acarring, and prominent oil glands (sebaceous hyperplasia) on the face.

Hair Removal

Laser hair reduction is a safe, effective method to reduce unwanted facial and body hair. By targeting the pigment within the hair, laser light energy damages the hair follicle through the delivery of heat. Many damaged follicles can no longer produce hairs, others produce finer, lighter, more acceptable hairs. The darker the hair, the easier it is to remove. White, gray and lighter colored hairs do not respond as well. Hairs respond best when actively growing. Therefore, multiple treatments spaced at intervals of 4-6 weeks are used for best results.


Skin Tightening/Wrinkle Reduction, the non-invasive face lift, is perfect for reducing fine lines over the entire face or tightening look skin on the neck, lower abdomen and elsewhere. This modality requires 3-4 treatments which can be purchased individually or in packages of 3-4.


Spider Veins (face and legs) and Angiomas (cherry angiomas), The Gentlemax LE has advantages over sclerotherapy and the V-Beam Perfecta for certain vascular growths.

Age Spots

Sun/Age Spots (solar lentigenes), Freckles, Psoriasis, New Stretchmarks and Poikiloderma (discoloration on the lateral neck, usually reddish brown, from chronic sun exposure) can easily be treated with the V-Beam Perfecta.

Skin Rejuvination

Three treatments are usually necessary for good results. PDT for enhanced results with treatment of Levulan.


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